Packaging Toys

Packaging Toys

Toys are divided into several groups – small toys, outdoor toys, puzzles, and games.

You need to know 2 things about Toys:

First: Never, ever tape over your consignor number.
Second: Never use more than one piece of tape on your tag. Okay, I lied... there are 3 things you need to know about Toys!
Third:  Batteries… Batteries… Batteries... if your toy requires batteries to operate, they need to be included to prove that it works.

Small Toys

If you have small toys, I have found the best way to package them is to put them in Ziplock baggies. Once your item is in the ziplock baggy, seal it shut with a long piece of clear packing tape. Attach your tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag using clear packing tape in the one inch area above your consignor number. Please, please, I beg you, do not put your card in the bag and then seal it shut. When we rip the bag open to get the tag, pieces fly everywhere. Pieces get lost, people get upset. Your item doesn't sell until we have the time to locate all the pieces. Please tape your tag to the outside of the bag.







Toys with Small Pieces
Toys that have small pieces should have the small pieces put in ziplock bags, sealed shut with clear packing tape and the bag should be taped or wrapped in plastic wrap (heavily) to the larger toy. We don't want the smaller parts to become separated from the larger parts, and they will.







All pieces are enclosed together in a large zip lock bag. Top is sealed to keep it together with the tag placed on the outside of the bag with one piece of clear masking tape, which is above the seller number.

Outdoor Toys

I love the big plastic "stuff". Light weight, colorful, it lasts forever. And so does the resale price on them. If you paid $50 for a Little Tikes Country Kitchen a few years ago at a consignment sale, you'll still get $50 for it today (as long as it is still in gently used shape), even though there are newer, talking models. If you have the big plastic stuff and it has been outside, you'll want to take it to your local self service car wash if you don't have access to a pressure washer and shoot that baby with the pressure hose. You would be surprised at how quickly it will come clean and it will increase the value of the item as well. Perfect for cozy coupes, climb and slides, play houses or any outdoor toys.










Make sure that your puzzle has all the pieces. If you have wooden puzzles, one great way to display them is to put all the pieces together and then wrap the entire thing several times with my friend Plastic Wrap. Do not use tape on any puzzle for any reason. It ruins the puzzle and children are disappointed when they get home. Once you get your puzzle wrapped, you can seal the sides with clear packing tape as long as you are taping it to the plastic and not the puzzle.







Once your puzzle is wrapped in plastic wrap, you can use clear packing tape to secure any loose ends.


All games need to be complete. We're not going to check to see if that Monopoly set has all 200 parts and pieces, but remember, you don't want to get home with something only to find out a vital piece was missing. Be honest here and think about how you would feel if you bought your game and it came home with you. It's easy to cheat, but please be honest. Use clear packing tape to secure the box top to the box bottom.