Packaging Baby Stuff

Packaging Baby Stuff

First comes love, then comes marriage… then comes the baby in the baby carriage… and ALL that OTHER STUFF.

My goodness, what they don't think of these days for your little bundle of joy. In fact, half of the stuff that comes through my sale, I have never seen before. Make sure that you are sealing packages with clear packing tape and are NOT taping over the consignor number. And like everything else when it comes to tags, only one piece of tape over the top of the tag only. Please view our video series on proper tagging and taping use if you have questions.

Crib Bedding

Crib bedding only sells if it is name brand and current styles. It also usually sells if it is priced on the cheaper side. Every new mom has spent months, perhaps years dreaming of her new baby and the nursery that will accompany it, and as a result, crib bedding isn't a hot seller. We accept it on a name brand basis. Handy tip here: Crib bedding sets over $50 rarely sell.

Crib Sheets and Receiving Blankets

A big seller. Package them in ziplock bags with the top sealed with clear packing tape. Make sure that you inspect for stains before packaging.

Bottles and Other Feeding Supplies

Keep Bottle Brands together and package all feed supplies in ziplock bags and seal with clear packing tape.

Safety Items

Go best when you either put the same things together or you make a large grab bag of safety items. Zip lock bags sealed with clear packing tape.

Diaper Genies

Diaper Genies don't sell well unless they are cheap. Generally in the $8 or less range. If you want it to sell, price it cheap.

Layette and Onesies

Package them together in a zip lock bag. Same sizes together in one package, no multiple sizes. You can package gowns together and footie jammies together if you like. Name brand gowns and footies should be hung.

Infant Caps

Package together in ziplock bags and seal with clear packing tape.

Towels and Wash Cloths

Package in ziplock bags and seal with clear packing tape.

Breast Pumps

We accept them and they generally sell well. However, remember that this is a personal care product, so again, if you want it to sell, you need to price it on the cheaper side. Most people are picky about personal care products however, if it's a great deal, they will pick it up. If you are asking more than $100 for a breast pump, you may want to try Ebay or Craigslist first.


Boppies are a must for most new moms. But like Diaper Genies and Crib Sets, you really need to price them cheap if you want them to sell. If you want them to sell, price them in $10 or less range.

Room Decor

Functional room decor items like wooden wall hangers sell great. Breakable nick knacks don't sell very well. If you have something that you don't want to get broken, don't enter it in the sale. Remember, little hands are everywhere.

Framed Prints

Framed prints and pictures rarely sell. You can enter them into the sale, but we don't have much demand for those items.

Baby Carriers and Baby Slings

We hang them at our sale, so if you want them with the others, please don't package them in bags.

Cribs and Changing Tables

Be prepared to assemble them. They will not sell if they aren't assembled. If your crib or changing table is assembled with an allen wrench, please include it with the crib for the new owners. Cribs that include bedding generally will not sell. Package your bedding set separately.

Crib Mattresses

They sell well as long as there are no rips or tears in the mattress pad. CPSC has now required that all crib mattresses have the PART 1633 Compliance label on it. If your mattress does not have the compliance label, we can not sell it.

Pack and Plays

Please make sure that they are clean and have no holes in the mesh. Be perpared to set them up

Swings and Bouncy Seats

Make sure that you have new batteries in the swings and bouncers. They do get tested extensively when people are trying to figure out how high or hard they bounce and swing. If you forget batteries, your swing or bouncy seat will not sell.

High Chairs

If you have a cloth cover, take it off and run it through the wash before bringing to the sale. Also remove and wash the safety belt if needed. All cracks and crevices should be checked for food remnants.

Car Seats

No older than 4 years. There is a date on the bottom of your seat. Make sure that the date is no older than the sale month with one year left. Make sure that you take the car seat cover off and wash it according to manufacturer's guidelines before bringing it to the sale. The area where the baby rubs his head is easily cleaned when you shoot it with some Shout or other stain pretreater before washing. Don't wash the harness straps in the washing machine or soak them as this can damage the fibers and make them unsafe - they can be spot cleaned with mild soap and a wet sponge or a baby wipe.  Dirty car seats are not accepted into the sale. Check with NHTSA for a list of recalled car seats.


Due to the volume of strollers, you need to price them a little less than you like to insure they sell. If you have an expensive or specialty stroller (or if you are asking more than $150) you may want to try Craigslisting that item first. Joggers, Double Joggers and Sit and Stands are in high demand at the sales and are the exception to the rule.


Make sure the seat and play area are clean and it includes batteries if needed.

A Note on all Large Equipments

If there is some special way to put it up or take it down, please show Jenifer so that I can show the customer how to do it. With so many variations on pack and plays and stollers, a quick "how to" if there aren't big red buttons, may be in order.