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Jen Says:  You Might be a Consignamaniac™ if you have to choose between taking your kids and clothes... because they won't both fit in the van!

View our Consignamaniac Music Video!

Are you ready to purge your kids "stuff"? Are you wondering how your house came to look like a toy store? Do you need to make some money for your next round of kids clothes? Sign up below! (Registration form is at the bottom of the page to get signed up for the next sale!)

70/30 Split, $5 participation fee (waived fees and higher splits for volunteers!)

Rule #1: Your REGISTERED consignor number MUST match your tags! How can I pay you if I don't have the proper information on file?

We prefer that you use your initials and the last four digits of your phone number. However if you have a number you prefer from another sale, please add your initials and check with us to see if it is available.

Why do we require initals and numbers for your consignor number? That's an easy one to answer. We want to make sure that your consignor check is correct. While it is true that 1234 and 1324 are different numbers, it is easy to confuse the two. AB1234 and JG1324 clearly help us differentiate that the two numbers are two different consignors. It helps at the sort, insuring that you are getting your correct items back and it helps at the tag sort as well.

Checks are mailed 10 business days from the close of an event. The mail date for the Rejoice Ministries Winter Sale is Friday November 28th, 2014. Missing check requests will be accepted from December 8th-12th, 2014. Requesting checks after the Missing Check Request Date will result in a $20 fee deducted from your check. Please be aware of the check date and the missing check request dates.

There is a minimum of 30 items to participate in an event.

The Drop Off Date for the Back to School Sale is Monday November 10th, 9am-8pm.

Please make sure that your clothing is separated by size and gender at drop off so that our volunteers may put your items up quickly. There are no Drop-Offs on Tuesday.

The pick up date for this sale is Saturday November 15th, 2014 from 9am-11am. Donation begins promptly at 11:15am.

  • 3x5 WHITE VERTICAL INDEX CARDS only. See our tagging page for proper format.
  • No Discount mark must be a red dot or red ND and be located next to the price.
  • Only 1 consignor number per tag.
  • The consignor number used, must match the number that was registered.
  • Your initials must accompany your chosen number.
  • No tape or safety pins should be placed on or below the consignor number.
  • No tape should be place on or over the price.
  • Tape can not be placed on more than 1 side of a tag.

Tagging guns are not permitted.

View Jen's How To Video On Tags

View Jen's How To Video On Taping

Donations are sent locally to the Appalachian Mountain region of Kentucky with an outreach program for Cross Pointe Church. All donations are immediately driven up to Kentucky and delivered to families in need.

Tuesday Nov 11th, 6PM-10PM                                                                                     1/2 Price Pre-sale Thursday Nov 13th, 6PM-10PM                                                       *** Children are no longer allowed at the pre-sale unless they are infants and can be worn in a sling. You'll be so busy shopping for great deals, that you won't be able to keep an eye on your child and snatch up that smocked Christmas dress at the same time! Pre-sales are a great girls night out! Are you kidding? It's a fantastic excuse for Dad to experience a small sampling of what you do every day! So hand over the kids, grab your best girlfriend and we'll see you at the pre-sale! (*Dad's are permitted if you'd like to leave the kids with Mom-in-law instead!)

Please check our FAQ's page for frequently asked questions from consignors. If you need assistance with tagging and preparing items, please check out our How to Prepare page. No Discount mark must be in RED next to the price, or your item will be allowed to go 1/2 price.

Seasonal clothing accepted/non accepted list for this sale can be found here

Clothing Sizes and Limits: We carry up to size 14. There is a limit of ten size 14 items for girls and ten size 14 items for boys.

Shoe Sizes and Limits: We carry up to size 5. There is a limit of 5 pairs of shoes.

Back to School clothes/shoes are currently accepted.

Price in whole dollar increments. Please do not use .50 or .99 cent increments

Minimum Price is $2. Fear an item won't bring at $2? Pair it up with something else! Multiple items that are similar, sell great!

No Discount mark must be in RED next to the price, or your item will be allowed to go 1/2 price.

Bring your items presorted by size and gender. Our volunteers will be putting your items up for you and will be ever so grateful to you for your organization!

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment time you will become a walk in.

Please check our Safety First Page for product recalls. Please remember It is illegal to sell recalled items. We are working with the CPSC and are required to report the selling of recalled items. Please check your items for recall before bringing them to the sale.

If you are interested in volunteering (you know you are!) and earning more of your sales back, please sign up on our Volunteer Registration Page and select your shifts when you have completed your Consignor Registration.

Because we have more consignors than we have spots to consign, consignors are required to give an 8 day dis-enrollment notice. Consignors who do not give an 8 day notification will not be able to consign with us in the future. It's not fair to consignors who want to participate, when consignors sign up and then do not give enough notice for someone else on the waiting list to prepare and tag their items for the sale. In other words... everyone needs fair notice, please be considerate of those who are on the waiting list.

To sign up for a consigning slot click here
You will be sent a confirmation email. Please click on the confirmation email within 10 minutes to confirm your slot or your slot will be opened up and someone else may be able to take your spot. Once you have been bounced out, you will need to sign back up if space is available.

If you sign up to volunteer and also want to consign, you must notify me at jenifer@oncearoundtheblockkids.com to receive your unique consignor confirmation number. Without your confirmation number, you will not be allowed to consign.